The shopkeeper who struck it rich selling snow from the mountains

Can Joan de s’Aigo has become as a symbol of the Mallorcan spirit since its founding in 1700. Few people know that the origin was in the sale of water obtained from the “cases de neu” of the Sierra de Tramontana, the trade of which was even regulated by the government.

Whoever visits Can Joan de s’Aigo says that standing in the queue is part of the ritual. Few people know, however, that more than 300 years ago the premises were already packed by locals when C’an Joan was a branch of the “cases de neu”.

Their well-known “cuartos” and chocolate are just the tip of the iceberg in the history of Can Joan de s’Aigo.

Who has not asked themselves where the “aigo” in his name comes from? In order to find out we have to go back to the 1700s.

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An article by Laure Jurado, from the newspaper B@Leopolis-el